• Seaweed Energy Solutions

    Creating value from seaweed

  • A sustainable source of biomass

    Seaweeds grow faster than any land plant, require no
    fresh water or pesticides and pose no conflict with food supply.

  • Seaweeds provide ecosystem services

    by taking up CO2, releasing oxygen, filtering the water from
    excess inorganic nutrients, increasing habitat and local biodiversity.

  • Endless possibilities

    98% of our food energy comes from agriculture on land. Seaweeds are
    increasingly a source for human food and health products, as well as wide
    ranging industrial applications.

  • Innovative cultivation technology

    Large-scale farming is proven in Asia (30 million tons), but has not yet
    been commercialized in the western world. To realize this potential,
    innovative solutions are needed.

  • Synergies with other aquaculture sectors

    Promoting collaboration in technology development, sea operations,
    biomass processing, integrated aquaculture (IMTA) and more, through
    commercial partnerships and research projects.



Seaweed Energy Solutions AS is a seaweed innovation and business development company.


The company was established in 2009 with a vision to enable large scale ocean farming of seaweed for the production of food, feed, biochemicals, energy and other valuable products.

SES is a pioneer in seaweed cultivation in Europe with patented seaweed cultivation technology and extensive knowhow across the seaweed value chain. We have a dedicated, international team with backgrounds in biology, marine engineering, biotechnology and business, working on bringing innovative solutions to the seaweed industry. Our pilot farm in Norway is one of the largest seaweed farms in Europe.

Our goal is to be an innovative seaweed business developer and use our technology, knowhow and experience to realize seaweed opportunities worldwide. We can develop partnerships, provide turnkey solutions or supply services within selected areas including cultivation technology, raw material sourcing, market development, environmental services, and funding.


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