Commercial Projects

L. hyperborea wild harvest & processing (owned by Biotrål)

The Norwegian company Biotrål AS is an established producer of wild Laminaria hyperborea (brown seaweed) in Norway. The company is developing a factory for industrial processing (drying) of their raw material. Since the beginning, SES has been a key project development partner and sales agent.

Biotrål with its two harvest vessels MS Sjøhesten (100 ton capacity) and MS Biotrål (135 ton capacity) has a potential yearly harvest of 50 000 tons Laminaria hyperborea (“Stortare”). The seaweed is processed locally at Biotrål’s own processing plant, located at Hitra, Sør-Trøndelag.

Stortare is the most abundant seaweed in Norway, with a standing stock of 60 million tons. The harvest is closely monitored and regulated in zones, to ensure a sustainable harvest. Over the last 30 years the annual harvest has been stable at around 0,3% of the standing stock.