Commercial Projects

Seaweed Hatchery & Breeding Center

In 2012 SES built a breeding center in Trondheim, and the facilities was expanded with an industrial scale seaweed hatchery in 2014. 

The breeding center consists of several wet labs and outdoor tanks that are used for controlled growth experiments and development of cultivation protocols. In addition the facility has deep water intake, a red-light gametophyte lab where strains are kept for breeding experiments and upscaling volumes of cultures for seeding, a microscopy lab for monitoring of cultures and a simple chemistry lab for analysis of the harvested biomass. 

Seedlings can now be produced all year round with very high success. Several years of R&D are behind the cultivation protocols that are used at SES today, and our team is constantly working on improving all the steps of the cultivation.  

SES can supply seeded material from the hatchery to all type of projects in Norway, as well as infrastructure for experiments and consultancy on cultivation protocols.