Research & Innovation

Our goal is to realize the vast potential in seaweed as new and sustainable biomass. To allow this to happen, radical thinking and new, enabling technologies are needed across the value chain. We need to rethink how we produce, process and use seaweed.

Since the beginning, one of our core activities has been to develop innovative cultivation technology which is needed to make industrial cultivation of seaweed a reality in Europe. An example of what we have achieved is the patended “Seaweed Carrier” concept. Over the years we have designed, built and tested various concepts, equipment and processes in our pilot site in rough sea conditions and in our in-house research lab and breeding center.

We are proud to have worked with outstanding partners across the aquaculture sector, research institutes, universities and NGO's both in Norway and abroad in several cutting-edge projects. We thank the support by funding agencies such as the Research Council of Norway, Innovation Norway, Eurostars and all other authorities who have directly or indirectly supported us.

SES has now worked with cultivation research in 9 locations from Portugal to northern Norway, acquiring key knowledge and data on seaweed farming potential in different environments. Moving further towards commercialization, we are increasingly working with others in the industry on deployment and harvest technology, processing of the biomass, market and product development. For information on commercial projects, click here.


The Seaweed Carrier: SES patented the first ever modern structure to enable mass seaweed cultivation on an industrial scale, called the Seaweed Carrier. It is a sheet-like structure that basically copies a very large seaweed plant, moving freely back and forth through the sea from a single mooring on the ocean floor, which allows seaweed cultivation in deeper and more exposed waters.



Research projects

We are always looking for new R&D partnerships for further developing key areas of seaweed cultivation, downstream applications and new areas. We consider ourselves a competent and well-positioned partner for substantially contributing to R&D activities, as well as exploiting the results and transition them to real business cases. In addition, SES owns two unique pilot cultivation areas of approx. 30 ha each: Taraskjæret, with several trial structures and an already installed long line system (20 lines) available for trials and commercial rent; and Måsskjæret, a yet virgin site ideal for baseline studies and subsequent cultivation activities.

See below an overview of our past and on-going R&D projects:


2019-2021 (H2020 SME Instrument phase 2) SeaBest: Launching first large-scale organic seaweed-to-food cultivation and processing in EU
Partners: SES
Project Link: http://www.seaweedenergysolutions.com/en/commercial-projects/seabest-sme-instrument 


2018-2021 (H2020 Susfood2 ERA-NET) ProSeaFood: Innovative processing of seaweed for novel, healthy food products and ingredients
Partners: SINTEF Industry, Lund University, SES, Matís, DPL and Eurocastell S.A.T.
Project Link: https://www.sintef.no/projectweb/proseafood-innovative-processing-of-seaweed-for-novel-healthy-food-products-and-ingredients/ 


2017-2020 (H2020 Blue Growth) GENIALG: GENetic diversity exploitation for Innovative macro-ALGal biorefinery
Partners: CNRS, SAMS, SES, Algaplus, WUR, SINTEF, INEGI, Amadeite, Algaia, University of York, Lessonia, IOTA Pharmaceuticals, Biome, CIIMAR, NUIG, AquaTT, University of Aveiro, BDCL, C-Weed Aquaculture
Project Link: https://genialgproject.eu/  


2017-2020 (NFR) KELPPRO: Kelp industrial production: Potential impacts on coastal ecosystems
Partners: NIVA, SINTEF, NTNU, ApN, HI, SDU, SES, Hortimare
Project Link: http://kelppro.net


2016-2019 (NFR) MACROSEA: A knowledge platform for industrial macroalgae cultivation
Partners: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, NTNU, UiO, UiB, UiT, APN, NIVA, IOCAS, SAMS, AaU, CU, NUIG, SBR, DTU, NIOZ, SES, Hortimare, Seaweed AS, PE Reefs, Ocean Forest, Folla Alger, Biokraft, Austevoll Seaweed Farm   
Project Link: https://www.sintef.no/projectweb/macrosea/   


2015-2022 (NFR) Foods of Norway. SFI
Partners: NMBU, five international academic partners and 18 partners in industry and innovation (SES in stakeholder panel)
Project Link: https://www.foodsofnorway.net


2014-2018 (NFR) BIOFEED: Novel salmon feed by integrated bioprocessing of non-food biomass
Partners: NMBU, Borregaard, Novozymes, SLU, SAMS (SES in stakeholder panel)


2014-2016 (IN) Seaweed pilot farm, Norway
Partners: SES    


2014-2015 (TFK) Pilotstudie på bioernergi fra tare ("Tromsø project")
Partners: APN, UiT, Sjurelv, Lerøy Aurora AS, SES


2013-2015 (NFR) Energix: "Seaweed Handling" (storage and pretreatment)
Partners: SES, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Statoil.


2011-2013 (NFR) SeaBreed: Industrial seedling production for large scale offshore cultivation process
Partners: SES, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, NTNU, Winds Enterprises, Stolt Sea Farm, CIIMAR


2011-2013 (NFR) SeaweedTech: Development of technology for large scale seaweed cultivation
Partners: SES, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Aqualine, Stolt Sea Farm, CIIMAR, Winds Enterprises


2011-2013 (Eurostars) SeaweedStar: Development of offshore cultivation of seaweed
Partners: SES, Aqualine, Stolt Sea Farm, CIIMAR, Winds Enterprises


2011 (NFR) Biodrivstoff og Biogass fra TareBiorefinery  
Partners: SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, SES


2010-2012 (NFR) MacroBiomass: A knowledge base for large scale cultivation of macroalgae biomass in Norway
Partners: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, NIVA, NTNU, UiO, UiB (SES in stakeholder panel)


2009-2013 (NFR) From Biomass to Biogas – an integrated approach towards sustainable recovery of energy and nutrients
Partners: UMB (IKBM, IPM, IMT), Bioforsk, Cambi, SES


2009-2010 (NFR) Ocean Biopower –  Ethanol
Partners: SES, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, UMB


2009-2010 (NFR) Ocean Biopower – Farming seaweed for energy
Partners: SES, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, NTNU

Partners and supporting agencies: