Frank Neumann, Dipl.-Ing.
Marine Technology Manager

Frank graduated as a Civil Engineer (Dipl.-Ing., Hydraulic Structures) from the University of Karlsruhe (KIT - Germany) in 1999, and has since then been based in Lisbon, Portugal. He had accumulated 12 years of ocean wave energy and coastal engineering experience, ultimately being appointed Associate Director of the Wave Energy Centre (, which he helped to create. In 2011 he was also one of the Directors of the European Ocean Energy Association EU-OEA. In 2012, Frank joined SES as Marine Technology Manager, where he initially worked on energy-scale and offshore seaweed cultivation visions. He took over responsibility for the design and installation of the 2014/15 Cultivation Pilot, and is now working on the improvement of farming techniques, harvest and deployment operations, as well as further exposed systems. He further assists in strategic issues, public support and new ventures, as well as liaising with suppliers and (potential) partners. Frank speaks German, Portuguese and English.

+351 933 692 004