Lennart Ahrné
Senior Market Advisor

I am educated at the University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala Sweden and have a PhD from there, in part conducted at Ohio State University. I have been working at Tetra Pak International for twelve years stationed in Sweden, Switzerland and Germany. Worked for two years at SIK, a research Institute, then called SIK, Institute for Food Science and Biotechnology, and at Nordfalks Industri AB, Sweden and Nordfalks AS, Norway, as managing director for 18 years. 


I actually thought that I was retired and lived peacefully in Porto, when I met Pål Bakken in Estoril, Portugal over a lunch. What Pål told me about SES made me excited and I wanted to engage myself in this company. The reasons are several, but basically it is a good thing to develop cultivation of seaweed for food. It is not only neutral for the environment, but it is good for the environment, not only in the sea, but also on the planet as a whole. Furthermore, seaweed is a healthy product. It can be used as salt replacer, as it’s salty, but has a low sodium content. The content of umami makes it a fantastic food and food ingredient.

All this together convinced me that this is a good project and I want to be part of something that is good for present and future generations. It excites me a lot to try to help this company grow on the food market. I believe the potential is enormous.

So here I am as a ”senior market advisor”. A guy who originally thought he should become a researcher, then a food specialist, but became a managing director and an market advisor for a seaweed cultivation company.  This tells me that more than we want to admit in our lives depends on coincidence. How your life develops depends much on circumstances and chance. That is humbling and important to remember.

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